You know it wrong to be p d off at a screaming baby Q: I live in an apartment style condo complex that does not have an age restriction. I plan on renting my unit to someone who is at least 45 years of age and does not have any children. Our condo board tells me this is discriminatory. A Canadian scientist’s analysis of ancient animal remains found in Ohio including the leg bone of an extinct giant sloth believed to have been butchered by an Ice Age hunter more than 13,000 years ago has added weight to a once controversial argument that humans arrived in North America thousands of years earlier than previously believed.The discovery of what appear to be dozens of cut marks on the femur of a gargantuan, 1,300 kilogram Jefferson’s ground sloth is being hailed as the earliest trace of a human presence in the Great Lakes state. And the rest of the Americas were not the so called Clovis people known from distinctive tools they left at various archeological sites from about 12,600 years ago but a much earlier wave of Ice Age migrants ancestral to many of today’s New World aboriginal populations. Before spreading to the continental interior and the far reaches of South America.These purported “pre Clovis” people left indications of their presence in the Western Hemisphere that only recently have become accepted as solid proof by many mainstream archeologists.The sloth bone took a circuitous route to scientific significance.

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