Well, one of those unimaginable things rings true

“I take pride in being the leader of the defense, being a guy that the guys can trust and want to listen to. It’s fun because it plays the opposite of my personality. Off the field, I’m pretty chill and laid back. Somehow, some way, he going to figure this thing out for us. Defence, ranked in the top 10 most of the season, stifled the NFL No. 1 rushing offence and mostly kept Seattle quarterback under control, handing Russell Wilson his first loss in four wild card games..

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Her BFF, CaCee Cobb, wasn’t left out of the celebration either. She also commemorated the occasion via Instagram, with an appropriately themed Throwback Thursday. Instead of a pic from the Newlyweds days or a friendship collage, Cobb opted for a shared picture from Ashlee Simpson’s 80s themed 23rd birthday party.

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3. Daniel Jones, Giants: There’s more talent and promise here than many assumed when Jones came out of Duke, but 30 huge mistakes (12 interceptions, 18 fumbles) in just 13 games last season is worrisome. Jones can move and had big moments (debut vs.

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