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The night was cold and rainy a complete opposite to the previous days that were warm and full of sunshine. The world seemed to calm down and the streets were empty, only cars would eventually appear on the road. The apartment was nicely warm, the lowlights and candles added to the coziness and comforting vibe.

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A lot of it comes down to timing as well. If the forms are mailed early in the year (when many students are on break) they may be lost or discarded. Later, if no response is received from that address and a census worker is dispatched to that address those residents may have already left, moved, graduated, returned to China for summer, etc.

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Andreas Athanasiou, Detroit Red WingsA restricted free agent with arbitration rights this summer, Athanasiou has struggled with injury and inconsistency this season. That has some observers wondering if he fits into the rebuilding Wings’ plans. A year removed from a career best 30 goal season, Athanasiou’s speed and scoring ability make him an enticing trade target..

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