The Spring,Summer 2010 look should also reflect

“We conducted an at home fancy dress competition with theme of ‘My Ladakh my culture”. Students were asked to dress up in traditional dresses and share pictures with us whenever they have access to Internet. And the entries are still pouring in. After a few more sensational courses, however, there was one that really caught our attention. We were served the ajo blanco, celery and almond with green, strawberry cold soup. When many people think of soup, they think that it must be warm.

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As for assessing Bob Motzko’s first two years on the job, I’d grade the combined showing a “B” and to me, a “B” grade is decent,not outstanding, while anything below a “B” is underachieving for Minnesota hockey. In 2018 19, youth was not an issue, but there was a transition period as the coach and a veteran team got to know each other. I felt that Gophers squad was talented enough to make the NCAA tournament but didn’t accomplish that feat because of two reasons.

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