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The home field advantage thing is really real. But at the end of the day, you have to look at it from the perspective that everyone has to do it. So, the playing field is still even. “We’re treating it as our offseason now for how we’re going to make our team better moving forward. We’re going through all the teams in the league to talk about free agents and trades,” Waddell said. “Free agency is going to happen.

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9) The Grizzlies point guards: I often heard that Mike Conley was one of the most unappreciated point guards in the NBA and after seeing him last night I have to agree. His ball handling and speed are up there with the leagues elite. He displayed some pretty impressive defensive tendencies as well.

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Pack Up and Head OutCheryl’s enthusiasm for supporting our local farmers is infectious. She cuts out the middleman by personally driving to the various farms each Friday to pick up what she needs to fill the store for that week. This practice eliminates the need to jack up the prices in order to cover shipping costs.

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