State level reporting is flawed as well

“When thousands of customers make their way inside the market, how can two to three shopkeepers can control them?” he asked adding that he and his shopkeepers are all abiding by all the governmental SOPs. There’s a common perception among buyers that after Yaum e Ali, there will be a strict lockdown again. That is the reason, he said that buyers are flocking towards the garment shops so they can buy clothes for Eid.

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wholesale nfl jerseys Although counts at the state level are more prompt, the lack of timely reporting at the federal level leaves a hole in experts’ understanding of the situation.State level reporting is flawed as well. The New York Times cheap jerseys reported that “the undercount is a result of inconsistent protocols, limited resources and a patchwork of decision making from one state or county to the next.”For example, coroners in rural communities are struggling to secure sufficient testing supplies and many nurses and doctors have reported people who they suspect may have been infected dying before getting tested.A county in Idaho requires a positive test to officially attribute the virus as the cause of death but in Alabama “the state health department requires a physician to review a person’s medical records to determine whether the virus was actually the root cause of death,” the Times reported.The widespread lack of testing means the case fatality rate of the virus, the number of deaths out of the number of confirmed cases, continues to be an unknown statistic.The lack of accurate data regarding the death toll of both public health crises impairs experts’ ability to appropriately implement solutions.Our ruling: More information neededDue to a lack of conclusive and comprehensive data about the number of deaths caused by both heroin overdoses, and the evolving nature of the coronavirus pandemic, it is nearly impossible to conclude the true death toll of each on a day to day basis. For this reason, more information would be needed to determine the validity of the claim.Our fact check sources:Facebook post, March 20, 2020The Washington Post, There’s a more accurate way to compare coronavirus deaths to the flu, May 2, 2020. wholesale nfl jerseys

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