Some called for replacing the anthem with songs such

It is well past time that we listen, learn, and finally, lead. Prime minister favourite example of what he done to get more women working is the Canada Child Benefit, the Harper era family tax credit that the Liberal government overhauled to better target poorer parents. Trudeau said 90 per cent of the single mothers that qualify for a payment earn less than $60,000 per year, and receive $9,000 in tax free benefits.Trudeau child benefit may work as a socio economic leveler, and it probably provides some economic stimulus, but it won do much to narrow the gender gap in the labour force.Study after study by the IMF and others show that if a country really wants to unleash the economic potential of its women, then it must do something to reduce the burden of child care.The child benefit obviously will help some families with those costs, but it not big enough to make a material difference in places such as Vancouver and Toronto, where the median cost of childcare each month is $1,360 and $1,758, respectively, according to the Centre for Policy Alternatives.By comparison, the median monthly cost of child care in Montreal is a mere $168.

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