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wholesale nfl jerseys The district later started grading work in May. Department of Education released another supplemental fact sheet addressing this “misunderstanding.””We remind schools that they should not opt to close or decline to provide distance instruction, at the expanse (sic) of students, to address matters pertaining to services for students with disabilities,” the document says.The IEPs outline the specific accommodations students with disabilities need in order to learn, such as, extra testing time, a full time aide and speech therapy.Students must have one of 13 disabilities to qualify under IDEA. The most common fall under the category of a specific learning disability, such as dyslexia or a non verbal learning disability.InvestigateTV contacted 25 states serving the largest percentage of IDEA students and nearly 200 school districts in those states, to find out what guidance states were providing districts.State guidance on how to best serve IDEA students varied, with some acknowledging that schools Cheap Jerseys china may not be able to provide typical services.Alaska is emphasizing individualization, telling districts that a “blanket” plan is not acceptable, according to a department of education spokesperson wholesale nfl jerseys.