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5. Bob Seger, RosalieThrough the and early one of the most important radio stations in the world was CKLW in Windsor, otherwise known as The Big 8. With a 50,000 watt signal blasting from the centre of the continent, the station could be heard across several provinces and dozens of states.

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The names might be funny, but the food is serious. In fact, chef Oscar Diaz also got a James Beard nod in 2019. On the night I was there, the restaurant was running a special for whole fried lionfish, an invasive species that’s good for eating. Since early December, it became clear that the Twins thwarted in their efforts to sign their top target, righthander Zack Wheeler, and alternatives Madison Bumgarner or Hyun Jin Ryu had pivoted instead to upgrading their shaky infield defense and their record setting offense. Had a pitcher accepted their multiyear offer, the Twins probably couldn afford Donaldson, the team decisionmakers believed. Without one, though, the 2015 AL MVP combination of steady glove and stellar bat was an obvious choice..

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