It was little more than a two hour infomercial for

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Autumn is first introduced to us onstage, the candor and openness of her singing a jarring contrast to the rest of the garishly retro high school talent show that’s preceded her. Neither the Lynchian air of the teen acts nor Autumn’s willingness to place herself at the center of attention suggests how subtle Hittman’s visual sensibility and guarded Flanigan’s portrayal will prove to be, but the setup does effectively display how alienated from her hometown Autumn is and that, however blank she may sometimes seem, she is always performing, determining which face will allow her to avoid the worst consequences.After Autumn’s pee test is positive, the older women at the local clinic force a grotesque anti choice propaganda film on her, concerned she might be “abortion minded.” That’s understating it unlike well, just about every American movie ever that addresses abortion, Autumn doesn’t agonize over her decision. Her main obstacle is that the commonwealth of Pennsylvania insists that she secure parental approval.

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