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Both the Ravens and 49ers were held to first quarter field goals as the two top ten defenses imposed their will to start the game. But any illusions of a low scoring affair were shattered in the second quarter when the 49ers Frank Gore scored on a 19 yard run and Joe Flacco quickly answered with an 18 yard touchdown pass to Torrey Smith. Later in the quarter, Baltimore added a Ray Rice touchdown run to secure a 17 10 halftime lead..

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Who wouldn want an app that told you where you can go to save money on gas? It genius. The only thing about this app that annoyed me was the fact that it only free for a month. When I download a “free” app I expect it to stay free. On the contrary, both of the HGST drives with 0 (zero) failures in the quarter have a reasonable number of drive days, so the AFR is less volatile. If the 8 TB model had 1 (one) failure in the quarter, the AFR would only be 0.40% and the 12 TB model would have an AFR of just 0.26% with 1 (one) failure for the quarter. In both cases, the 0% AFR for the quarter is impressive..

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