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cheap nfl jerseys Here was the thrilling future of the royal family: Inclusive, loving and deliciously glamorous.One shot stands out of though: It is taken from a distance and it is clearly an unguarded, personal moment. Camilla and Meghan are deep in discussion, holding each other hand.There is a tenderness and intimacy here that is wildly out of the usual regal realm.The unguarded moment at the Queen’s 2018 garden party tells an intimate story. The former fell for her royal charmer and they wed after a whirlwind romance; the latter endured a tumultuous, at times adulterous, liaison that stretched out for several long, emotionally wrought decades.Meghan had thoroughly made a mark as a professional woman and entrepreneur before she married; Camilla had pre her matrimonial years worked for society interior designers Colefax Fowler.However, look closer and there are interesting parallels between the two women.Even twenty years ago, the prospect of either of them marrying into the British royal family was nearly non existent.Both are women who, when they became duchesses, faced elements of stiff public opposition to their having been welcomed into this rarefied social milieu and family, and both have at times been vilified by sections of the media.On the flip side, both are not afraid of hard work and have brought untold joy and love into the lives of two Princes who had struggled to find personal happiness.Which is why seeing Meghan and Camilla during that moment in 2018 represented such an opportunity for two intelligent royal recruits to take matters into their own hands and do things differently.Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex could have been the perfect duo.There is no training course or clearly laid out instruction manual with diagrams on how to become royal.This is a profession you can only pick up on the job, and for many new recruits, their on the job apprenticeship is a tumultuous, painful experience.Think Diana, Fergie and Sophie Wessex: All three were largely thrown in the royal deep end, and some learned to swim far better than others.Kate Middleton, by contrast was given nine years to truly understand what she was getting herself into before marrying William and then had a couple of years of part time royal duties to ease her into things.. cheap nfl jerseys

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