Defensive tackle Michael Pierce’s value on the open

He wanted to offer a conservative assessment of his course condition, Spiess noted how Crimson Ridge has spring conditions, but the course wintered very well. After we get some warmer weather, we expect it to green up nicely. Described the condition of Root River as being Our greens are 100 per cent.

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The alma mater reflects West Point three word motto: Duty, honor, and country. Hallowed words reverently dictate what you ought to be, what you can be, General Douglas MacArthur told the cadets in May 1962 years after he had initially arrived there as a wide eyed freshman from Wisconsin accepting the Thayer Award for lifetime service to the academy. Are your rallying point to build courage when courage seems to fail, to regain faith when there seems to be little cause for faith, to create hope when hope becomes forlorn.

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