And there have been calls to take down colonial era

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“I did see the Times piece, and I have no direct knowledge of what went on. But I have to say that as the story as reported, if it’s true, I found it very, very puzzling.”Smith, now the president of a New York foundation aimed at preventing juvenile delinquency, hasn’t spoken to Osberg since he took over Philadelphia’s newspapers. Just because they’re both busy.

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Parents are in Ontario and they watching it on TV and they really don have any idea of what going on, he said. Wife, she wasn even at the game, so she had no idea what was going on. So it was up to the trainers to call them and let them know that was the toughest part, is that I wasn even able to see them or talk to them until later that night.

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Believe it or not, it is woodsy, particularly up island where the landscape is gently rolling hills and oak forest. But even in town, this time of year, peace reigns, and you can hear the whisper of the surf no matter where you go. Plenty of gorgeous beach walks and short hikes are available.

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