After an hour, the “Leave the Meeting” icon was

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“You’ll Never Get Rich”: Like Powell, Fred Astaire is one of those Break in Case of Emergency movie stars, capable of providing a lift in any time. He’s better known for his pairings with Ginger Rogers, but in this 1941 wartime musical, Rita Hayworth is his dancing partner. She nearly blows him off the screen (Available for digital rental)..

Cuomo said New York teams should be able to start practices in hopes of getting their seasons underway without fans.The impact of Cuomo’s announcement is uncertain. Teams are essentially waiting for directives from their leagues before resuming any official activities. Joseph SpectorCDC warns rats are aggressively searching for foodRats, it seems, haven’t been satisfied with curbside pickup or delivery during the coronavirus pandemic.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning that rodent populations which rely on a banquet of scraps and waste in restaurant dumpsters are spiking in certain areas.

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