5), quarterback knockdowns (27), quarterback hurries

Mahomes took a shotgun snap, dropped back to the 35 and surveyed his options. He didn’t see anyone open so he darted left and began a run that could lead the club’s all time highlight video. Linebacker Derick Roberson made a futile dive at his feet at the 32, then the quarterback twisted away from linebacker Rashaan Evans at the 29..

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“A lot of fans don’t realize, but it takes not only physical toughness, but mental toughness and mental discipline because one little shift in the defense and the whole blocking scheme can change,” Driscoll said. “Audible and checks and all that and kills, so it’s something that really helps and being able to be a fast learner and pick things up quickly just makes it that much easier, especially I’m going to have to come in and learn a new offense. Also having the study habits I have from earning my master’s and my undergrad will just help me kind of understand for me how I learn and what the best way for me to do that is.

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