With health officials urging us to stay at home and

If Ebola say started here in NYC, the effects would cause even greater risks to healthcare workers. Ebola can be spread easily to an indoor space where the infected are especially in close quarters such as subway trains, stores, and tight passages underground for commuters. Within days a person would be vomiting and having blood coming out of their eyes, noses, and mouths.

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The second one is scanning the design with the help of a 3D scanner to copy an existing design. The scanned copy is put into the 3D modelling program. The next part is the printing of the designs. There were limited outward signs of the virus a woman using a bleach wipe on a table, conversations about the health crisis as people waited in lines for rides. But there were no warnings at the entrance about coronavirus or reminders to create space with other patrons. Signs in restrooms urged visitors to wash their hands for 20 seconds but didn reference the virus..

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