We’ve also assisted with local food and medical

You could be from any one of those places, and go as far as your legs take you in the sport, but your past is never far behind whether you’re riding the bench or accepting an award. Whoever you are, at some point the announcer will bring up your biography. It’s how we connect to men whose faces we can’t see and whose bank accounts we can’t match.To break it down, football is something like 50 percent commercials, 20 percent actual game play and the rest, maybe the most important part, is narrative.

If you like building hardware, go to TechShop or Maker Faire. If you into martial arts, there are some great Krav Maga gyms in the Bay Area. The coffeeshop scene is largely the same (though occasionally you meet one of the local students), since “let grab coffee” is Silicon Valley shorthand for “I would like to assess your usefulness to my future career goals.”But there are many other scenes in the Bay Area.

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