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Kent and newzhound, I know this Los Angeles city slicker that I am will be labeled as snobbish to Santorum and his supporters for saying this, but is it any wonder why we think of them as backwards with their thinking? It TMs no wonder Sean can squeeze out as much as he can with non stories like this Derrick Bell video with that large of a percentage that really buys into to this nonsense. I honestly feel like I TMm watching old black and white film from the civil right era listening to long dead bigots defending segregation, whose way of thinking certainly still has life. The only difference is they don TMt hide behind a white sheet but in a business suit with a Bible in hand..

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Democrats recovered some ground in the 2018 midterm elections, winning 309 legislative seats and control of the senates in Colorado, Maine and New York, the House in Minnesota and both houses in New Hampshire. They gained seven governorships, unseating Republican incumbents in Illinois and Wisconsin and winning open seats in Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Nevada and New Mexico. Republicans won Alaska, previously governed by an independent..

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