The goal, he said, would be to keep those

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The Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram in 2013 revealed the lack of public access to restaurant inspections. Maine is among the few states that doesn post any state or countywide inspections reports, or major health violations, online. Portland began posting its restaurant inspections online in 2013, after a series of Press Herald reports over health concerns..

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Lanegan concludes his new 15 track album with a happy ending as he sings out ‘Eden Lost And Found’ with his favourite singer, Crime and The City Solution’s Simon Bonney. “I wanted to make a positive song to end this record, because that’s the way the book ended”, says Lanegan. “Daylight is coming, daylight is calling me” he sings as the church organ plays out beneath him in a very bluesy vocal accented superbly with some strings and understated percussion..

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