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Apparently, some people find it easier to believe that hogwash than to admit this is just a modern iteration of an age old sin. Colin Kaepernick risked his career to make us see. Now Nike risks its bottom line to support him. A lack of knowledge of how health insurance works is one of the barriers seniors may have to sufficient health care. Most of today’s seniors will be eligible for Medicare after age 65 but may be unaware of which of Medicare’s four parts they should be signing up for. For instance, with Medicare Part B, seniors can get no cost annual wellness checkups along with preventive screenings without any out of pocket costs..

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He is a nationally recognized leader in the real estate education space and has taught millions of people how to find, finance, and manage real estate investments. Brandon began buying rental properties and flipping houses at age 21, discovering he didn’t need to work 40 years at a corporate job to have “the good life.” Today, Brandon is the managing member at Open Door Capital. With nearly 300 units across four states under his belt, he continues to invest in real estate while also showing others the power and impact of financial freedom..

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