Ok this one might be more Harrison than Indy but it

If you’re a singer then one of the funnest, erm, most annoying things that you will have to do is record your voice. Unless you have a multi album contract with a professional studio chances are that you will want to record your voice and have that recording sound as good as you possible can. Using a microphone in a laptop just isn’t a good option 10 times out of 10 they are useless for anything but a quick noting of ideas.

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The best example is while the Russian collusion investigation is being hammered out in the background, Trump gets hit with multiple accusations of using money to silence women who claim to have had affairs with him. And nobody cares. No impact at all.

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‘We sort of had a basic creative compliance process which involved email, a simple project management tool, a shared drive and creative approvals via email. It worked in theory, but our head of medical compliance asked us to streamline this approval process as she couldn’t easily login to see the creative approvals and there was no decent audit trail or version control. This was a major compliance risk for our company.

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