Make the important moments in your family’s life

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china Can we be the bellwether instead of Iowa? the bill sponsor, Rep. Javier Martnez, D Albuquerque, said in a Tuesday interviewHe said New Mexico status as a border state and its diverse population the state is a state in which Hispanics and Latinos make up 49% of the population would make it a pacesetter and could give minority candidates a better chance at winning their party nominationIn addition, moving New Mexico presidential primary to the second Tuesday in January instead of the first Tuesday in June could lead to more campaigns setting up shop in New Mexico and spending tax dollars here, Martnez told the JournalThe bill would not change New Mexico primary election date for other racesOther proposals have also surfaced in recent years to change the date of New Mexico presidential nominating contest but have largely failed to gain tractionA 2015 Republican backed bill to move up New Mexico entire primary election to March stalled in a House panel due to concerns that it could complicate state electionsFormer Gov. Bill Richardson also pushed for an earlier primary, and legislation was passed in 2003 allowing Democrats and Republicans to hold nominating contests before the June primaryHowever, the Democrats presidential caucus in February 2008 was widely criticized, as it featured long waits at polling places and vote counting that took more than a weekIowa is currently the first state to hold a presidential nominating contest, as it held its caucuses Monday but did not begin releasing results until Tuesday afternoon because of technical problemsThe Hawkeye State is followed by New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina, which all hold their nominating contests this monthNew Mexico will hold its primary election this year on June 2, which is tied for the latest date in the country, along with Montana, New Jersey, South Dakota and the District of Columbia, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures wholesale nfl jerseys from china.