Some journalists in Kvemo Kartli are being called and insulted by unknown persons

On May 9, offensive calls were made to the personal numbers of media managers and journalists in Kvemo Kartli. An unknown citizen called them and their family members. He referred to journalists as traitors to the motherland.

Vladimir Chkhitunidze is a journalist of “Marneuli” community radio. Such a call was also made with him.

Yesterday evening I got two calls from this number +995551157315. I couldn’t answer the first call, and the second time, when I picked up the phone, the woman addressed me by name and asked me why I am a traitor to the country, telling me that betrayal is not chosen by anyone, etc.

I was personally waiting for this content call and to be honest I even enjoyed it a bit. Actually, these calls are made to intimidate activists and journalists so that we will not protest against the Russian law, but with these calls and the violence that we have seen in recent days, citizens are more likely to protest. Tomorrow I will go to the rally, I will fulfill my professional duty and I will protest against the Russian law, the implementation of which the government has already started before the adoption of the law” – Vladimer Chkhitunidze, community radio “Marneuli.”

A similar call was made to the journalist of Radio “Marneuli” Tiko Davadze.

“At 19:49, I received a call on my mobile phone from this foreign number (+995551157315) when I was expecting an important call from the respondent and I picked it up without thinking. This is exactly how a woman started talking to me: “Tea, hello, do you know that you are a traitor to the country? Teati addressed me, almost no one knows me by this name, and I immediately asked where you got access to my personal data, he only explained this to me, and he said that it was none of my business.

Many active citizens were called from the same number yesterday. Their main goal is to intimidate activists and journalists, and it’s funny that they call the materials I cover treasonous. They cannot scare us with this and I will say everywhere – no to the Russian law!” – Tiko Davadze, community radio “Marneuli.”

Both journalists add that the call to them was also threatening, and the stranger told them that they would “definitely be questioned.”

From the same number, an offensive call was made to the head of “Kvemo Kartli Media”, Manon Bokuchava.

“On May 9, an unknown person called me from the number 551 157 315 on my phone number. He verbally abused me – he called me by my name and said that I am a “traitor to the motherland.”

It is violence that is expressed in words and threats at this point, although unfortunately I expect the worst. The processes that are developing in the country and which are related to the attempt to adopt the “Russian law” are already creating a serious threat to independent journalistic activities. Obviously, this does not only apply to journalistic activities. Every day we see how human rights are violated and how we resemble Russia and Belarus in terms of political environment. I have personally had contact with many journalists in exile, from these countries, and the path we are going through now, they have also passed. Unfortunately, they could not protect the future of their country” – Manon Bokuchava, “Kvemo Kartli Media”

A family member of Bolnisi women’s community radio WW founder Mariko Tsikoridze also had to answer such calls.

“This is the peak of tyranny, this is an action that has gone beyond all the framework of the law. It further stirs up mistrust towards the government, and of course, further intensifies the idea that the government is mobilized for total violence. I heard horrible comments from members of parliament that the public started this controversy and that they were the first to release their numbers publicly. Public officials appeal to this – with full force. The government has forgotten that it has power, which imposes a double responsibility, so that it is too reckless to compete with its own public, which I believe is justly angry, is evil and treasonous. Instead of ruling fairly.

In our case, they did not emphasize the law during the phone call. They were angry and his mother said: In what family did you grow up, son, or do you not have a mother? And they replied to this, “Look at your son, you raised him as a traitor” – Mariko Tsikoridze, Women’s Community Radio WW.

“Kvemo Kartli Media” has already contacted the Office of the Public Defender and the Personal Data Protection Service due to the phone calls made.