ISFED to support civil society in the region

The decision of influential public organizations to get closer to the people living in the regions is gaining more and more importance. Be easily accessible to them and share and exchange the daily life in which they live.

For this purpose, a year ago, the International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED) opened a new office in Bolnisi Municipality.

“We also implemented a media literacy project for women over 55 years of age. You know, people of this age, and not only them, obviously have a very hard time sorting out misinformation. We didn’t tell them what is fake news and misinformation, we gave them the skills to help them figure it out. A total of eight training sessions were held on this issue” – Lia Noghashvili, ISFED.

Compared to other influential organizations, “Fair Elections” has one advantage, they have their representative in almost every municipality of the country. Noghashvili says that the organization tries to strengthen the local civil sector with its activities.

The office of “Fair Elections” is located at 10 Nikoloz Mosiashvili Street in Bolnisi.