Appeal to the Majority Deputies of Kvemo Kartli Region Gogi Meshvelian, Zaur Dargal and Irakli Shatakishvili

We, the public organizations and civil activists, hereby signing the given statement, categorically oppose the draft laws on “Agents of Foreign Influence” and also alternative versions of the same nature.

Dear majoritarians, not so long ago we were all proud of the strong civil sector in the region. The international delegations that came to Kvemo Kartli proudly walked around, accompanied by you, to get acquainted with the results of our projects. Also, we were all delighted that the number of young people from the region enrolled in higher education institutions has increased. Community organizations contributed to this good work, whose leaders even dedicated their own houses to the mentioned educational idea.

We all saw the rehabilitated kindergartens, potable water systems, facilitated local entrepreneurs, green spaces achieved in cooperation with the civil sector. This is just incomplete list of the projects that we were able to implement with the assistance of our partner countries and donors. The fact of the existence of the local media in the region, which is free of any political influence is also the result of their support.

Bills that share the approaches of the Russian Federation deprive our country of the opportunity to develop.

Today, we are writing the latest history of Georgia together, and we ask you to stand by the idea to which we have been loyal for 30 years. There is no position or status that is more important than the democratic future of Georgia.

Do not support the Russian bills that deprive the country of its future!


I agree:

# Organization Representative
1 Bolnisi Women’s Community Radio WW Mariko Tsikoridze
2  Kvemo Kartli media – Manon Bokuchava
3 Sika – Georgian Association of Educational Initiatives Inga Paichadze
4 Professio – personal and professional development center Giorgi Tvaliashvili
5 Kvemo Kartli Women’s Association “Women and the World” and women’s community radio, RadioWW Marine Bzhalava
6 Civil Society Development Association of Georgia (ACSDG) Guliko Shoshitashvili
7 Civic Activity and Regional Development Center (CARDC) Gvantsa Shishinashvili
8  Marneuli Democratic Engagement Center  Mariam Samkharadze
9 Civic Engagement and Activism Center (CEAC) Rashan Ziadaliev
10 Georgian Young Lawyers’  Association ( GYLA ) Natia Kokiashvili
11      “ Eco Center” Tinatin Maghedani
12 “Bolnis Youth House” Ana Ugrekhelidze
13 “First European” Sofo Devnozashvili
14 Social enterprise “Gumbati” Ira Dzirkvadze
15 AIP Partnership for Equality Nino Nanuashvili
16 Community Radio “Marneuli” Kamila Mamedova
17 Institute of New Thought Ariz Dashamirov
18 Necker – Kvemo Kartli community organization Rozi Devnozashvili
19  Rustavi International Scout Center Davit Metreveli
20 NGO “Red Bridge” Jeikhun Narzalov
21 Union “Georgian Youth for Europe” Alexi Metreveli
22  Civil Integration Fund Zaur Khalilov
23 District representative of ISFED in Gardabani municipality. Nazibrola Zubashvili
24 Martopi Youth Center, Gvantsa Tvaliashvili
25 Solidarity Museum Elnur Alisoi
26  International Organization for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED) Kvemo Kartli office Lia Noghashvili
27 journalist Davit Mchedlidze
28 Bolnisi Language House


Irma Zurabashvili
29 Solidarity Center Nurana Musaeva
30  Representative of Marneuli municipality of ISFED Fagan Abasov
31 Representative of Bolnisi Municipality of ISFED Mzia Baghashvili
  ISFED representative of Tetritskaro municipality. Lali Bekauri
33 representative of Tsalki Municipality of ISFED Tamar Lomidze,
34 Georgia’s leading media Marneuli Azer Mamedov
35  Shaumian Community Education Center Natia Okropiridze
36 Civil Equality Platform Samira Ismailova
37 Platform “Salam” Rabil Ismail(ov)
38 Union “Demos” Maya Jamalashvili
39 Rustavi Office of the Network of Democratic Engagement Centers Liana Charkviani
40 “Women’s Information Center” Gvantsa Sanaya