It was safe and sane TV entertainment

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Their money comes in and it goes right out. They pay cash for everything, and stay out of debt. If they get more money as a bonus or present, which is when they go and buy the nicer TV, the newest phone that is out at the time, etc.. Welk was never an innovator. His criterion for success was to keep it sweet and simple: Play the proven standards the people want to hear, in the simplest of arrangements, and in less than three minutes just in case someone did not like a particular song. It was safe and sane TV entertainment, predictable and stable and wholesome..

As a small ball big man, he will be tasked with switching onto small players and defending the rim. It’s one of the most valuable talents a player can have, and based on the game I watched there is still some room for improvement.Del Cadia has quick enough feet to come off his primary assignment and help wall off the paint against penetration, but he’s not a shot blocking threat. He only averaged 0.6 blocks per game in junior college, often preferring to plant his feet and rely on verticality to try and alter shots:The good news is that he plays hard on defense.

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