He retired in 1943, joined the Navy and was assigned

There are times when employee payroll advances may be appropriate and times when they’re not. To approve or deny payroll advances is totally up to the business owner. If you do allow payroll advances, make sure you state specifically, in writing, in what circumstance a payroll advance will be allowed.

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Fortmann eventually played eight seasons for the Bears, helped them win three NFL titles and made the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He retired in 1943, joined the Navy and was assigned to a hospital ship near the end of World War II. And began his surgical practice in Los Angeles, where he became friends with Reid’s mother..

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Sportsnet is left with a Thursday night package of NFL Network games, a rights deal that runs for number of years yet. But with its new NHL agreement including exclusivity on Sundays something the league was pushing hard to add to its Canadian TV lineup something had to give. And no doubt Rogers will happily go to war on Sundays with the country top television sports property.