Each package, twin or single, carries with it a pet

Outside of these 8 dolls, people can buy a twin pack. Each package, twin or single, carries with it a pet unique to that doll, also constructed of plastic material. The design of the Lalaloopsy doll is such that it catches the heart and imagination of the little girls.

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Yes, there’s a simplistic nihilism at the centre of this story, looking at the more animalistic elements of human nature. So it’s a shame that the screenplay abandons both the deeper themes and the plot itself. And they also never quite make anything of the observations they are making about how our expectations and beliefs can lead us to do some pretty ridiculous things..

The grand jurors were meeting in a ceremonial courtroom on the 19th floor of the Carl B. Court House, a different space than their regular room in the courthouse’s basement. A courthouse security officer wearing a black cloth face mask was seated outside of the room while jurors were in session Tuesday, a sign of activity in a courthouse that has seen little of it in the past two months.It was not immediately clear whether the grand jury started meeting before this week or what cases it was reviewing.

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